Текст песни Dag Savage - Drugs (feat. Co$$ & Choosey)

Исполнитель: Dag Savage
[Intro - Partial Hook]
My shit is that crack rock
Hollywood cocaine
So Thelonious, man this beat is that Coltrane

[Verse 1 - Johaz]
Fresh out the North American wilderness
Blessed like an Islamic pilgrimage
Chop lines that’ll shine like a sun on the pyramids
Mecca be the place where the heart of my spirit is
‘Cuz snakes bite the grass just to show where they venom is
The crack is so limitless, but hardly seen
Niggas talk about they paper, but they hardly cream
Brothers claim they cook white but they hardly steam
My foes lines of that coke, nigga Charlie Sheen
The scroll excellent, high-power like Mescaline
Asiatic specimen, resurrecting your next of kin
I spit the fire voltage, prescribe a high dosage
From my divine opus you subscribe and leave your mind focused
You now rockin’ with the Son of Man
Kill wack rappers at the jam like the Son of Sam
Move like a thief in the night
Promoters better have my cheese before I breathe on the mic

[Hook] x2
My shit is that crack rock
Hollywood cocaine
So Thelonious, man this beat is that Coltrane
Black Tar Heron, Morris and Cobain
This is your life
Look around and it’s so strange

[Verse 2 - Co$$]
This be that Fash Ecology, black psychology
Drop it like (?) or Muhammad kickin’ prophecy
We don’t get along like Ahmadinejad and Ariel Sharon
And that’s cause y’all cloned
You cats try to copy me, repossess your crowns
Cuz the Dirty Science colony holds monopolies on thrones
Blaze your dome that be the king’s chair and how you dare ever raise your tone
To some royal ones, killin’ all traitors and unloyal ones
Brother man, walk the Motherland where the soil, sun, sky and the clouds black
We gon’ make the crowds clap and heads nod
Writers write about us in they headlines
Co$$ is like a mixture of that thug nigga from Oakland
And that from Biggie man from Bed-Stuy
Focus with my best eye - the third one
Burnin’ down trees ‘til the herb done
The Earth spun off the axis, then reversed months, take it back
Funny how them nuccas claiming realest be the fakest acts
The first ones that’s faking jacks, you know my M-O
Worldwide from San Dago to South Central
We gon’ get that change, plain and simple


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