Dag Savage - When It Rains (Feat. Aloe Blacc)

: Dag Savage
[Verse 1 - Johaz]
Yeah, its like Im missing your touch
All alone in this zone, steady puffin my dutch
A lil nigga in a city where the guns is a must
Cause every time a nigga crush they say I fuck her too much
She use to love me, tease me, rub me, please me
The ill-nighter, greasy
Come on, take it easy
For real yall believe me, I cant understand
How she hold a nigga hard in the palm of her hand
And how God created Adam through the smallest of sands
But the queens run this earth, they dont belong to no man
Yeah, ya brothers now my protocol
I got love for my daddy but I dont fuck wit dawg
Nah, my heart colder than the south pole
Close your mouth or get hit up by the Savage outlaws
Yeah, this country got cancer in her breasts
Dont ask me why I muhfucking stress

[Hook Aloe Blacc]
Oh why, when it rains it pours
And though I been rained on before
This time, when I leave out the door
Ill have my umbrella, for sure

[Verse 2 - Johaz]
This is the life that we laid upon
'Tality is way beyond
Stuck between the struggle out here beefin' my baby mom
Paying child support, up in court trying to raise my sons
They dont understand, they think Im wylin out like Affion
So I hit the stage for crumbs, niggas gotta get the dough
CD sales are struggling, so we gotta hit the road
30 minutes on a stage and all you get's a stick a dro
30 days away from home they think you aint got shit to show
I wonder do they really know that I can understand her pain
Got a certain bond together so I can understand her strain
Bills and the children make it hard for you to keep it sane
So please Im sorry when I flipped and called you out your name
Aint no way that I was raised, my momma raised me better
Cause even without pops she kept the family together
Yeah, thats why Im missing your touch
All alone in the zone steady puffin' my dutch


When it rains it pours
Been rained on before
When I leave out the door
I'll have my umbrella

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