Исполнитель: Pink Guy
If I said this verse was fucking whack then I'd be lying
you said you're going platinum but your momma should have gone laytex I'm crying
because you're trying way too fucking hard to be what I am,
give it a break and sit the fuck down,
now it's pink in the flesh and I ain't talking about vagina
if you're wanna sniff a line of cocaina up in a diner and pop a molly or stupid shit
reflect on using it but use it again just to make sure that you're not used to it
I'm snapping necks like it's a bad picture,
I got these faggots throwing up like they were bad pitchers
cuz this cranial tumor is not so humorous to bitches new to this uterus spilling girls with a million cramps that are thicker than their fluid gets,
now that's a stupid bitch,
I get offended by these girls with their useless shit,
so if you got a problem write it on a piece of paper,
and shove it up your ass I probably wouldn't read it later,
I'm so faded like your grandma in the hospital with alzheimers,
she wont remember this joke, but just remember,
even when she's losing her brain, she wont hesitate to wake up and start screaming my name,
like in the hospital
she gonna be screaming my name
in the grave
she gonna be screaming my name
in the wheelchair
she gonna be screaming my name
who am i who am i yup yup it's pink guy
so who am i yup yup it's pink guy
kissing too much ass you might contract pink eye
they said I wasn't smart enough to get some A's again I wrote some essays (ese's) up like arresting a few mexians
so what the fuck is with this estrogen
everybody's bitching about my work my dick starts to hurt again

that's why I'm making all these octopus balls
cuz yall need to grow your own
come and tickle my tentacles and tell me that I'm weak i got ink and some balls
i said balls like fucking twice but i gotta emphasise on my testicle size
i meant tentacle size whoops,
first you pour the batter then include the invertibrae
leave it for a couple minutes spin it like bay blades
then you eat some fresh balls


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