Текст песни Pink Guy - Jungle Boy Pt. 1

Исполнитель: Pink Guy
Let me tell you about a thing or two

If you wanna finger dudes, ride a Subaru
Or do some gay shit like Ron fucking Harry Potter with a broom

Anything regarding dicks ain't my cup of tea cause i love the POON

(No? Fuck.)

They call me Mr. Fantastic
Ass kicked rapper nasty blasting sticky mass in ass and other fat things

"Smoking blunts was a daily routine."
And that's a bad impression of biggie
"But i don't mean any disrespect."

I'm so fucking slick that Slick Ricky would slit his wrist and insist
That i should be the slickest bitch since the genesis

"Since the genesis?"

Yeah since the genesis
Cause I'm the bestestest at good grammar in these sentences

[faintly] ("fucking idiot")

Yo I'm cramming verbs like the SATs
Ese please
I got a really long diss for you i call an essay tease

You didn't get the joke so i guess you're a special needs student
Ya'll are fake dicks dildos with no lubricants


I'm not the brightest man but like the slightest bite of hepatitis can
Inflate a cell with viral livers that's me cause I'm viral man

[unintelligible gibberish]

So do you feel high?

I swear I'm fucking with more bonds than Bill Nye
H 2 the O with stilettos now that's a high tide
Call me Billy Mays cause I'm still living in 1999

Видео Pink Guy - Jungle Boy Pt. 1

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