Текст песни Consummatum Est - Hypnagogic Prospectus

Исполнитель: Consummatum Est
they are all around me
a slow procession of eyeless wraiths
step by step, melting in my mouth
trying to scream, to break through the inner i'd

snakes slither in the meaninglessness of time
past, present and future are bleeding from my eyes
it's like giving birth a cadaver
or burying a crdle with a baby in it

please don't let them take me away
the putrid womb of a dead virgin awaits
i'd like to expose my bones to you
sketching a shadow in the light

kneeling in my own vitreous humor
i aim for my sleep in deep agony
shivering, it takes my corpse away
i think i've never woken up

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