Текст песни Consummatum Est - Vertebra

Исполнитель: Consummatum Est
Under the indefensible weight of the sky
The theatre of loss displays three coffins
Four stiff bodies in dark corners
Empty cradles rock in silence
Broken mirrors reflect infinite realities
No reality is certain
A violet sun shines with halogen reflections
For sleepers with inflated venters

Under the undefensible weight of the sky
Thousands of waves bring unknown voices
Thousands of voices bring certain mirrors

Lunar tongues relish amniotic rainbows
Infinite days perish in amniotic fluids

The choir of the dead
Recites its three rosaries
The crown is like a noose
The seventh grain is a vertebra
Worms swarm in twisted tongues
Blood from the ears and tears in the hands
Sperm in heaven for crawling angels
Sperm in heaven for thirsty virgins

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