Текст песни Symphorce - No Shelter

Исполнитель: Symphorce
When the sun burns my soul, when the eye takes control
When the evil surrounds my fate
Like the witness I've been
I will cast all my dreams
Swallow your seeds but it's too late
In a locked room I kept all my dreams and my head
And laid the weaker to rest
My reward for being sane, somehow you take the blame
I'll cross the bridge to the west
Why don't you feel like, why don't you come near
There's no shelter from the rain
Why can't you see you can conquer your tear
There's no shelter from the rain
Am I falling on the sand with your face in my hand
I'm here but now you're gone
All is lost in the mind
I'm protecting your crime
But at the end my time has come
What you've done to me, who you will deceive
In my eyes it's all gone wrong
The choices you make all the chances I take
And you fear the revenge of my tongue

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