Текст песни Symphorce - Darkness Fills The Sky

Исполнитель: Symphorce
You're the saviour, that's what you are
For your shattered faith, I travelled so far
In a split moment, a fraction of fate
The weight of the world, I strived for too late
I'm nothing more than a ghost in your eyes
Grabbing your senses wit aim
One in a million that fate conspired
Straighten me out but it's all the same
My cravings, forever standing by your side
Fear is floating through, you step into the light
When darkness fills the sky, my eyes are torn to shreds
...Welcomes the end, the freedom's gone we had
I embrace the dead
I crossed all your dreams, illusions now are dead
All my frustrations are last in line, to live your live up in regret
Seek for redemption, all shattered in time
My sickness for all that you've seen, nothing left & passing me by
I remember it as from a dream

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