Текст песни Eminem - Green n' gold (feat. The Anonymous)

Исполнитель: Eminem

[Intro: Eminem]
What would it take to push a man
Far enough to put something material over a human life
What would drive someone completely over the edge
To do some shit like that for green and gold

[Verse 1: Eminem]
I done filled my lungs up with so much of this Crack smoke
My neck's bloated, my tech's loaded I'm flat broke and I'm pissed off
Mad at the world I've had it with girls and I'm frustrated
Ran to the bus stop just made it and hopped on
Ready to drop bombs on the first person
Who had a nice suit and a watch on
I spot John white collar worker in clean cut
Walked up to him, he's like "What?"
What you mean "What?"
You know what time it is man
At your next stop gimme that rolex watch
With that diamond wristband
Got his green and his gold dashed and climbed in this van
To steal it and seen a man holding a nine in his hand
Shot him from the bottom up
Stole his keys put 'em inside the ignition and got 'em stuck
Hopped out to flee on my feet
Fucked around and forgot that I left my ID on the seat

[Verse 2: Vesuveo]
Your arrival, want survival, but is you fit?
Your arrival, want survival, but is you fit?
I'm rising with the sun
Synthesized with the universal
I'm goin' to be a better man and this be my rehearsal
For the future, this your game
Make a name to get the fame and the dame
Forget the same as everybody who came
Before it's simple and plain
You be a mere facsimile
Fallen like Gallipoli
Thinking y'all from Italy
But I'm the goumba and I'm working hard at my craft
Great grandpa carried concrete up a shaft
What did you laugh? Huh? Yeah you
You think it's funny raising 14 kids
Without no books, without no money
Ma got honey, funny thing it's that you think you're seeing me
A mere reflection in the mirror here I come I'm getting nearer
Coming even closer can you feel a realer presence in your being?
We inside lyrical ride and I advise you now you're seeing
A true seer never fear cause I'm here in your midst forever
Cleverly helping you better see yourself that be my gist
Open fisted let my energy flow we good to go
It's Able bodied, Mr. Zinn, Vesuveo Survivor Soul
Watch 'em fold hold the gold smoke the green gimme the gravy
Give it up don't give a fuck like Slim Shady

[Hook: Vesuveo & Able]
Between you and me I can see in yo eyes
Wise to the next stay in checkmate
Getcha your Green getcha Gold
It come between me and you
Will lost getcha gold heaven hold getcha green
'Tween you and me I can see in yo eyes
Wise to the next stay in checkmate
Getcha your Green getcha Gold
It come between me and you
Will die sold a soul for green and gold now say goodbye
Should I ever live to fulfill this dream
Would I ever kill for the life of the team?
If I ever came between you and the green
Who's the fiend? By any necessary means

[Verse 3: Able]
I chase a dream that's deep like space
To conquer then escape from this place without a trace
But I await to face personal mercenaries
Bounty hunters wanna check me for my nickel bags
I'll be smoking 'til my eyes bleed: red
Meet me if you can then proceed ahead
Reach for what you need now
No time to think just move and react
Who you gonna call when the wall is at your back?
Trying to blitzkrieg me for the sack
Fiends better believe me sure as I breathe
Their teams be getting touched back
Rush me and I cut back the rumor that you only live once
Let's put it to the test so we can live like legends
Down to hold the line like Selassie
Hold the seventh seal of heaven every time
If a subtleties committed somebody fumbled the dime
Winners guzzle the wine I smuggle mine with them
But he who has the whole nine
Will always double down and play for ten
These are the rules adversaries s

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