Текст песни Mdm/ - 8.7

Исполнитель: Mdm/
How long will it last?
How many bombs will

How many towns
Will burn in fire
To the ground?

How much blood
To the ragged soil
Will be shed

Before this lust
of blood and rage

It's not my world.
Run !

I wanna run away from here
With you.
I wanna leave this dying world
With you.
Let it burn to ash!

I want to run,
I need to run away.
We must gain force,
We must be strong,
We must!

I want to run
Away with you.
I want to be
With you, only with you.

I want to feel your touch on my skin,
In my bad dream in the core of a storm,
I want to feel your touch…
Death touch.

What can we do?
What can we say?
Why should we stay
Inside the firestorm?
For whom shall we work?
Why must we be slaves?...
These straits are dire,
This world is set in fire.

And now,
We need to run away...
...our time is running out, nothing to say.

War is terrible thing,
I hear the…
…death wind sing.

It’s time to say "Enough"
To all the world.
It’s time to run
To our stronghold.

I want to feel your touch
In my deepest dream.
I want to see your eyes,
In the darkest realm.

Come where it rains,
Where the winds blow,
Where the storms grow…
No pain.
Break through despair.
And feel the rain
Your soul will rise
Come, where it rains,
Where the winds blow
Where the storms grow…
No pain.

I need to run away
I need to find my way
Let it burn to ash.

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