Текст песни Нелли - Left (original song)

Исполнитель: Нелли

I watch it as it falls
I just want to lose it all
Every strand you ever touched
Weightlessness is such a relief
Want to feel the cold on my neck
Just want to forget you ever kissed me there

I don't feel beautiful anymore
Don't know what from
Was it the cause or the effect
Or is it none, of the above
What I have left can't hide me anymore
Almost nothing left

I can feel it in my bones
But I don't feel like I am home
Cause home is in your arms
And I don't know where you are
I can look in the mirror
I can imagine you here
And sing a sad song or two
or three or four
But I don't feel beautiful anymore


I've stopped writing in pencil
Started writing on stone
Want to make sure what I think is known
Don't want anything to wash it out
Moses sure knew what he was talking about
And like those who worship gold I don't think it's worth it to hold, on
It may be 40 days
and it may be 40 nights
but someday someones gonna come down that mountain
and tell me everything is gonna be alright

I won't feel hurt anymore
i won't feel lost anymore
i'll feel my heart once more
i'll feel beautiful

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