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Исполнитель: The Goodnight
Официальная страница группы The Goodnight:

[Verse 1]
Some things I can only dream
And this feels to good to be real, don’t wake me
You’re a habit, I’m hooked on it
You’re just what I wanted

[Pre Chorus]
Now I’m discovering that there’s a pattern to everything
And I don’t know what it means
but it seems to have a little to do with you and me
and why we’re acting this way

Официальная страница группы The Goodnight

[Chorus 1]
Must be fate
It could be destiny
I fell for you as you fell into me

We’re on a freefall
Under control

[Verse 2]
I fell into a goldmine
A good find this time
And good luck like this is hard to come by
but you’re just what I wanted

[Pre Chorus]

[Chorus 2]

I’m a small bird in a big storm
The wind took me straight to you
I put up a fight, there was no point

I’m going the right way now with nothing to worry about
I’m here to hold on to when the wind picks up again

[Chorus 3]

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