Текст песни Denace Nasty - Letter 2 Myself

Исполнитель: Denace Nasty
Denace- Letter 2 Myself

imagine all the people living for today ahaaa

(just imagine)
i wanna write you yea you the guy behind this pen write this song reciting
it agin i never liked you cuz you was never like me you was always tryin to
impress others like fuck it just bite me but deep down your soul is
crushing inside me and all i can think about is wat really REALLY defines
me your true self is somethin you cant deal with so you put up a front walk
around like you dont feel shit and thats fake and i dont like it i depise
it so to be real with yourself as i write this and then it might just sink
into your mind sense your loseing people around you...cant find freinds?of
course you cant your hard headed too smart for your own good sharp headache
most people hate you your like 5 simmons and 1 dennis..do you hear

imagine all the people living for today ahaaa

i dont like the fact that you keep me hidden on top of that your an act
justto fit in this aint what i wanted for you not my vision your freinds
made u what u are really really thinkin iom kiddin? listen D your drownin
me inside this misory maybe if u didnt lock me inside like u did to me i
wouldnt hurt you you if u didnt keep on hittin me by bottling everything
inside your are you sick of me maybe if u didnt lock me inside like you did
to me i wouldnt hurt you if you didnt keep on hittin me by bottling
everything inside are you sick of me well im sick of you this is why i
pick at you look at you look inside this fuckin mirror and tell me thst it
aint clear that your alone you cant bare the fact that everyone around you
is going somewhere and your stuck here dazed with a blank stare your stress
is killin you is that a grey strand of hair?watch as life passes by as u
standin there in line at the hospiatal waitin for medicare

imagine all the people living for today ahaaa

as you sittin there and your writein on this third verse i manifested in
symptoms to show you that i hurt worse im given you exactly what u gaven
meu wanna live? then you gotta start liveing free you gotta be yourself and
put aside that someone else take the mask off and deal the hands that you
were fuckin dealt dont you be ashamed of the person you really are dont be
so tense and strung up like this guitar your havein an identity crisis
come on get a grip dennis you got me in u lets fight this dr jekyl mr dont
go and hide this we can do it together come on fight bithch!!!come on and
bring me out and keep me out for people to see me now this is what its
about come on the time is now so stop hidein out pop the cork or break the
fuckin bottle now

imagine all the people living for today ahaaa
(just imagin)
imagine...look in the mirror..like..do i know you no do i really know
you...youwont find inner peace till you find your inner self..till then its

Denace- Письмо к себе


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(просто представь)
Я хочу написать тебе, парню за моей спиной, который пишет эту песню
ты никогда мне не нравилась, потому что я тебе тоже не нравился, но ты пыталась это сделать
удиви меня, укуси меня, глубоко в душе
Это разрывает меня, я могу думать только о том, что определяет
меня, ты не можешь справиться с собой, поэтому иди вперед
Как будто тебе хорошо, и это не по-настоящему
будь естественной, потому что сейчас я пишу это, а потом оно исчезнет
ты теряешь людей вокруг себя...не можешь найти друзей?
конечно, не можешь, слишком много думаешь, от этого появляются головные боли
большинство людей ненавидят тебя...ты слышишь меня?

(припев)2 раза

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мне не нравится то, что ты прячешь меня
это не то, что я хотел для тебя, иллюзия друзей
о чем ты думаешь на самом деле, шутишь?
если бы ты не закрывалас

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