Текст песни Maywood - Different Worlds 1981 - 02. It's A Different World

Исполнитель: Maywood - Different Worlds 1981

Different kind of people, telling me that snow was white.
In former days the grass was green, the sun was really bright.
You had to fight for freedom, that's okay.

It's a different world,
it's a different world,
it's a different world today.

Nowadays they drive a car at eighty miles an hour.
Years ago there wasn't all that traffic, so much power.
There must be some improvement anyway.

Don't look back,
the world has got a lot in store.
Wait and see,
people always wanna have more, more, more.
With all the ups and downs along the way.

Now that I'm a woman, I see them children grow.
And deep inside I wished, I was so little, but I know.
You can't turn back the pages so they say.

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