Текст песни Pavla Lina - Living For Your Life

Исполнитель: Pavla Lina

From early morning when you rise
You're going to anywhere
A million moments are in your arms
But you can't knock it into one
Big cinema of way your live and on and on
It seems like everything went wrong
And all the colors are gone with the rain

Are u living for your life
Or are u living for your lie?
One in a million person or bird in flight?
Are you living here and now?
Are you waiting for ur love?
Add colours in your picture
It's your creature
It's your life

I know it's one of broken heart
Maybe you can erase and repaint it?
You're like big Maker of your world
Colorising it in your feelings
And drawing colors of your love
You're winning the past and now!

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