Текст песни OST Down periscope - Walking the plank

Исполнитель: OST Down periscope

Come all ye young fellows
who follow the sea
Yo-ho and blow the man down
It's time to be bathing Lieutenant Marty
Yo-ho and blow the man down
Oh, give me a plank
that looks down on the sea
Yo-ho and blow the man down
It's a short little walk bound for eternity
Yo-ho and blow the man down

Blow that nutso kooky punk back downtown/

Captain Blood, bring forth the prisoner.

- Hey, Nitro. Ain't that one of my chickens?
- No, it's a parrot. From the Caribbean.
- Don't let it fly away. That's supper.
- Aar.

(pirate-like cries of "Aar!")

- (pirate accent) Mr Pascal. Have you any last words before you walk the plank, sir?
- You can't do this, you maniac. This is the modern navy! People don't walk the plank.
- Cap'n Blood, consign him to the briny deep!

- Sonar, play me a dirge, matey.
("Funeral March")
(crew hums along)

- Luck be with ye, Mr Pascal. Walk!
- This is crazy! This can't be happening.
You've lost it, Dodge. You've gone round the bend.
You'll hang for this. Stop or you'll all hang.

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