Текст песни Lauris Reiniks - Your Morning Lullaby (NF ESC-2010 Latvia)

Исполнитель: Lauris Reiniks

Goodbye, ciao or adios
You said and then I closed all the doors
And left all behind
With a hope I would find
My way back to you later
You said: “Our love will be greater
When I get to feel you again”
Hope - it’s all we have!

What I miss most of all
Is a little funny –
It’s a song with no words
Your morning lullaby
What I miss most of all
Is how I embraced You
When you sang into my ear
Your morning lullaby

But here, so far apart
Daily it comes to my heart
That your song, your smile and your ciao
Were telling me: „Don’t leave now”

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