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Исполнитель: скр скр скр

There's so much death, there's so much destruction, and so much mayhem and there's so much misunderstanding in music, we're losing so many great musicians, and.. we don't love them while they're here. And I want to be loved while I'm here, and the only way to get love is to give love.

You can’t run away, run away
You gotta face this
You can’t run away, run away
You gotta face this
Time is moving fast
Can’t dwell on the past
Make this moment last
While we have the chance
Old dreams look fake
For the new one's made
Nothing stays the same
Do it the rebel way

[Verse 1]
From moonlight to sunrise
Day in and day out
I stay on my
Modus operandi
Opening my third eye
Focus on the words I say
Man stand a diligent, militant
With the sentiment, I’m here to represent
Constant changes like passing raises
Evident, the time we spend is sacred


[Verse 2]
We still drop it hardcore
Nuff of them can’t take it
When the lion roar
We no take no shorts, tell 'em we want more
Now it’s time to settle the score
For all of my people in the ghetto streets reppin
And all who feel they've been stepped on
Love is the cure and courage is the weapon
You can use to overcome


Do it the rebel way (x13)

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