Текст песни M2U & Nicode feat. Guriri & Lucy - Myosotis (Extended Ver.)

Исполнитель: M2U & Nicode feat. Guriri & Lucy
Per Aldua Ad Astra
Altiora Petamus
Volente Deo, Lucete Stellae

I prayed that you might be saved
and took every breath with me in the leafy shade.

I cried out in pain, “Please save us”
Si Nos Amas, Serva Nos.

We’ll get used to this hoax that our love made
when the moon comes out to watch the bright day light die.

Hopefully you’ll get used to my hugs and good-byes when my love falls out of the sky as mournful rain. Per Aldua Ad Astra.

Bye bye, my doleful aria…

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