Текст песни Strangeweather - Dear Disaster

Исполнитель: Strangeweather
i know it's been a while since i've written, but
i trust you understand
what it's like to build a boat from wreckage to
get back to the land.
i'm sure you seen a pile of rubble and
mistook it for your hearth.
i'm sure you've spent a while when waking
just remembering where you are.

the wildfires made
shimmering walls of flame,
a letter latent there
burned up on its way.
now the winds can blow
60 degrees below,
a letter there I know
was buried in the snow.
and the fields dried up
the summer's empty cup,
raised to the cracked lips
of rivers and cricks.
and the oil train
on the Dakota Plain
exploding into angry flames.

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