Текст песни Soft Focus - Soft Focus Radio 54 / R.O.M Guest Mix

Исполнитель: Soft Focus

No Tv No Radio ft. Emy Zaluzna: Something About Us
Felly: 7th King [Dwayne Reprise]
Montell2099: Luvin
Workers: Nowhere In France
C Y G N & RKZ: All Yours
Felly: This Shit Comes In Waves
Contour & Infinitefreefall: Dead Friends
Bryson Tiller: Right My Wrong
SALVA: I Just Wanna
Fortunes: Keeper
Jimmy Edgar: Feel What It Is
Tom Misch ft. Alfa Mist: Hark
Bipolar Sunshine: White Iverson
Penthouse Penthouse: Stilettos
Romby: Kings
?: Loose Juice
Michael Christmas ft. Polyester The Saint: Are You Around
Tom Misch: Falafel
Joseph L'?tranger: Forest Shine
?: Peaches
DOC Mastermind: H3r Body
Penthouse Penthouse: Really Wanna Hit That

Sammy Jam
Kultur: U used to call me on my cell phone
Raven Felix: Trippy
Eric Dingus: Cloud 9
Danny Seth: > [Prod. MD$]
El. Train & Miki Rose: Stronger
View: Ebb N Flow
Koolade: When Doves Fly
Kartell ft. J-Rican: Aura
Cosmic Quest: Moonbow
Vesper: If I Could Sing
Koolade: Lakeside
Howlings: Deception
Danny Seth ft. Cassow & PJ: On This Trip [Prod. Zach Nahome & MD$]
View ft. LCMDF: Lace
The Gamma Bot: It’s Not My Fault
Kartell ft. Tom Bailey: Falling
Midnight: Floating & Falling

R.O.M Guest Mix
Pomo: Close2U
Geotheory: Futuristic Love
R.O.M + DEFFIE: Reinstated
Montell2099: Bae Bae
R.O.M + DEFFIE: Bouncing
R.O.M + Riddla: Force
Nobou Uematsu: Fanfare [Evil Needle x Orijanus Remix]
Evil Needle: Lucky Lady
Digital Mozart: iganasuk okotom
Abrina: Blowin [Guffstar Remix]
R.O.M + DEFFIE: Lights Off
R.O.M: Run Away With Me
Masego x Medasin: Bounce
Alexander Lewis x Medasin: Coexist
R.O.M: Beautiful
R.O.M: Maybe
R.O.M: Raincoat -
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