Текст песни Cupila le Cadel - The Angel Of Death Fall (piano)

Исполнитель: Cupila le Cadel
Death is sweet when I'm near
Never try to escape
Cause I hear
How your soul dies

How many souls gone through
My hands
But you was the first
Who I wanted to go alive

Love is not what I need
I'm the Angel
I'm the flame
But with you I'm so powerless

Let's try again and fall in love
But I know that there won't be happy end
Love is love and it lives until we die
But now we are already dead

Does the love exist after we dead?
I wish you will never know this
Just love while you are alive
Cause after dead love will never end.

If I came back to the Earth
Would my love became alive too
So one day it will die
And make me die free.

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