Текст песни f.rogue ft bro - suicide sensation

Исполнитель: f.rogue ft bro
U think that u girl
I drive u on floor
I'm go and then fell
u forget that u're man

I call u fucking bitch
I reap u shaggy peach
U're daddy is rich
His money are for each

U're life, u're feelings are not explain
That loosers and friks don't smoke M.J.
When u went down to the botton with me anyway
Ur parents disown u and came to complain

I'm ure harm and slowly broke life
Ur best friend have a tough twanty five
He'd be nice to look after ur pritty wife
It's not ur illusions, not fatal bite

Ur attempt in all time will fail
Like ure parent's attempt to rise lucky son
U're find and buy for yourself gun
Even u're trigger u'll have recoul. Done

I invite u fir my hot sensation
Feel my Dick this is my pation
Is not a game is not a clever competition
And please bitch put out this information

U have a big lips
U're boyfriend who u keeps
But u again kiss
With some fucking friks

She knows I'm crazy ,sick
I'm not a Frick ,haven't Dick
hat bitches like me lick
And making home pick

U hate hall of muscle who spit out bullshit
U fuck losers who wonk, fuck them on repeat
When friks Dicks on ur bagel u don't forget to complete
U're don't worried coz in the end we all piece of meet

This girl wents pants when sees thick glasses
Dick may not reflect him number of passed lessons
Roll a weed on ur tits like it's bases

At the dart street
Kill your fucking kids
I fuck your fucking lips
Between your fucking tits

Don't care about your tips
Suffer from hard kicks
Can control you as BRICS
I'm your sin number six
You're shit on your pix
You've son of dirty pigs
You suck man's many dicks
There're passing days and weeks
And u never take the risks
your problems not exist
Ur fucking resistance least
Ur shity balls not resist

Now I'm your teacher
When u go for a walk with your fucking pincher
U terrified
U broke ur life
U killed ur wife
U still alive
But u don't servive
I will make the dark u dive
U always shoot down a pedestrian when u drive
And u see loser in the mirrow
And u're full zero
U look like a Bieber
U lose the game even when u choose subzero
U won't be saved by any hero
Ur mum after sex taken a pillow
But u anyway was born
Touch ur dick watching porn
And on this time u eat popkorn
U throw up on the door
Ur vomit swim like a river
U're drunk and u have a sad liver
U're fat like winter bear
I'm you'r fucking Killer
Don't teach me dear

As I lay in the grave, I slay the preyYou can pray that I stay where I cameIn a cave of flames, bitchI'm greyI'm a stainI get blamed for rainy dayI'm tame when I blaze awayI'm dead, no shame in my grave I'm chained

Swerve off a cliff
Bitch, I'm burning a spliff
Feeling like I am just stuck in a GIF
Come take a dip
Fuck all the fortune

Off the ocean side (ocean side)
Call it suicide
Suicide is no fucking crime in the devil's eyes

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