Текст песни ?? DE GRAA music™ - Move Ya https://vk.com/digraa022

Исполнитель: ?? DE GRAA music™

Yo! This is Fly DJ’s with my man, Jimmy Dub.

Move ya mi mami mami
Kiss ya mi mami mami
Feel ya mi mami mami, slow yee
Play ya mi mami mami
Touch ya mi mami mami
Love ya mi mami mami, slow yee

Seeing you makes my heart burn like fire
Come with me, I’m your sex supplier

Bring your touch, feel my soul with desire
Cause tonight I’m a lover for hire

Give it to me baby
Your body is so sexy

Girl I wanna give it to you longer
I’m gonna give it to you stronger

Girl you know you want me
Go ahead and touch me

The way you move like a geisha
Makes me sing Fly Project – Ra?sa

Refren x2

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