Текст песни KXNG CROOKED - Freestylin' Under Oath

Исполнитель: KXNG CROOKED
Yo, Ice, this shit gon' be really um...
It's a freestyle so it's gon' be
It's gon' be choppy in parts, it's gon' be kinda sloppy
But... it's gon' be from the heart so you know, we gon' capture this moment

I used to sit in my house freestylin to The Chronic, 2001 album, the instrumental version
I was in my den rehearsin', if you woulda told me then I'd fuck with Dr. Dre one day, I'd say you wildin'
Wow, now I be sittin' with him in person, damn
I grew up so poor that this shit was bogus
I told you I wrote my raps on the back of an eviction notice
My momma was in the kitchen blowin' doja, getting loaded
Then she quoted "One of these days that shit you spittin' gon' get you noticed
I know, you tired of this government cheese, just know I love you and your mother believes
So many talented people with no self esteem underachieve
So I really want my son to succeed" I love you ma
I was sittin' in the Bentley when they hit me on the phone
Joey and Royce, Patr?n was all up in Royce's tone
He said "Crooked you know what we gotta do, right?
Voltron and form a crew, right?"
Along with Brooklyn Ortiz, I couldn't be more pleased
Cause after Hip Hop Weekly, I needed some doors opened and God was giving me some more keys
An onslaught when I came in the door
The best ever on the west, unless your last name is Shakur
Remember that? That was a statement for sure
These days, I don't say it no more
Niggas know I'm iller than ebola
This shit for the weed rollers
Tell the haters "I'm rich, bitch and CC: Oprah"

[Interlude: KXNG CROOKED]
Yeah, just a freestyle
You know what I'm sayin like...
For niggas who fuck with me
Strictly for the niggas who fuck with me
Not these suckas, these new bandwagon suckas

I remember listening to Sway & Tech, The Wake Up Show
If you was in Cali with crazy flow
That was the only place to go to be heard on the radio
But everybody would rip it, Biggie, Pac, Ras Kass, Eminem and Xzibit
I used to sit and listen till it was finished
A couple of months later, I'm up there in the flesh, I'm giving niggas the business
Like I left em an LLC in my will
Speaking of will, I willed it into existence, I built it using persistence
That's when DJ Clark Kent told me, I'm one of the illest on the west, man, that memory never left, man
Cause props from the legends, that's the shit that keep you going
When you knowing you so hungry, if you lift up your clothing, your bones and your ribs showing
And your crib got no electricity so a candle was in the dark glowing
I start flowing, picture my words bouncing off the paint, stop flowing
Turn this fountain off, I can't, nah I can't
That's why I want the whole tortilla
Me and the House Gang with Eminem in Seoul, Korea
Man I waited for this my whole career
50,000 in the crowd, we on the Jumbotron, you hoes can see us
You see us

[Snippet from Eminem Interview]
Interviewer: And Slaughterhouse, a few words about that, hopefully you might give that away

Eminem: Slaughterhouse, we just waiting to get the deal finished, um... but it's gonna be crazy, I think that record is gonna be crazy and that's gonna be from the making. That's where I might step back in and try to produce a little bit too

Interviewer: So Shady Records is still a priority for you? Something you still really believe in?

Eminem: Yeah, definitely. Shady Records, we're definitely trying to get it back up and running. You know what I mean, we're in the rebuilding process right now

"The will to win, the desire to succeed
The urge to reach your full potential, these are the keys
To unlock the door to your personal excellence"
That's a quote from Confucius, I've been using it ever since
Music is heaven sent, I knew it even when I couldn't pay a producer 7 cent
Or use it to pay my rent
Adversity, that could break ya, currency that can change ya
But these days my rhyme pays, I'm stacking major
The money is a gift, but still I must remain outside of the box with all this rapping paper

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