Текст песни Heavy D & The Boyz - Do Me, Do Me (1991)

Исполнитель: Heavy D & The Boyz
Oh! Oh! Oh, baby Oh, baby! Oh, Baby! I love the way you dance

Oh! Oh! Oh, baby Give me a break, body clumped, shacked, dumped on, dumped on too hot to break, girl

Wave your natural curl, no Jheri-ness, it's silly

All I need is someone who will make me marry very and the life full

Confortable, my lady is lovable Stick with her over cuz the over is Hannibal I know

I like you and you know you like me So, do me, baby, do me Oh! Oh! Oh, baby Oh! Oh! Oh, baby

I like ice cream, cake and cookies and milk and kinda like the booster, girls are silky

Downtown cuties with nice formed booties I must be for sure cuz I'm a lover, it's my duty

Givin' me some room, yes, that isn't necessary Pass me the soda, my favorite flavor is cherry

Give me a piece of that you-know-what So, you can get up on the dance floor and shake it down

Brin her around the rosy, backin' her for the cozy (Say, man, whatcha doin'?) I think you're very noisy

Do me a favor and back up a little Your breath smells like a whole-way nipple

Give me the sunshine insteada the rain Give me the joy insteada the pain

Give me a car insteada a plane You've been a nice young lady, it's dreadful dame

Oh! Oh! Oh, baby Oh! Oh! Oh, baby Hickory-Dickory nurse, this happens to be the last, the first

This is the one after an end There was a fun in the middle but that was the one after the first

Now let's boil this down to the summary You have to think you've seemingly catching it when

I see me, you took you have 'n' might Excuse me, may I try you for your number?

I happened to be the big boy wonder I'm an overweight flow with the carried-out flow

Heavy D.is the name I go under Let me have the glass of bubblin', hmmm... might as well make that sound double B

Oh! Oh! Oh, baby Oh! Oh! Oh, baby

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