Текст песни The Large Professor - In The Sun (feat. Q-Tip)

Исполнитель: The Large Professor
Yo.. Yeah
Nowhere to run to nowhere to hide
Sittin' on the front stoop right outside
In the moonlight when I take flight I fly
Crack the engine then I break out like Gon Benchin
Thousands of pounds spit thousands of rounds
And verses help 'em out like I found missin' person
This time I'ma try to lie on Tony Person
So people can hear how my rap sound perfect
Could hate a nigga but in fact it's not worth it
Never know how long you've got on this earth kid
Count them blesses and pay them dues
Keep rolling with the winners cause they don't loose
In the two g-era the skies is looking clearer
And nothing can stop them guys that's in the mirror
So thankful that I keep my hands on the bankroll
Can't play the shit without falling of the bankroll
So I stay stable like a natural born hustla
Kickin' that hot shit right for all the customers
Near or far comin' here to star
I'll be pourin' out beer in the park
For my loved ones
deep and dick is how my love runs for you
So with no further ado
I'ma smash it kick that shit they call acid
24 hours a day remain classic

[Q-Tip] In the sun.. sun.. su.. su.. su.. sun
[Large] ah, in the sun kid
[Q-Tip] Keep going
[Q-Tip] In the sun.. sun.. su.. su.. su.. sun
[Large] ah, in the sun kid
[Q-Tip] Keep growing
[Q-Tip] In the sun.. sun.. su.. su.. su.. sun
[Large] yeah, in the sun kid
[Q-Tip] Keep moving
[Q-Tip] In the sun.. sun.. su.. su.. su.. sun
[Large] ah, in the sun kid
[Q-Tip] We keep it moving
[Q-Tip] In the sun.. sun.. su.. su.. su.. sun
[Large] ah, in the sun kid
[Q-Tip] We can't stop it
[Q-Tip] In the sun.. sun.. su.. su.. su.. sun
[Large] yeah, in the sun kid

I arise from my melinence to the sun beginnings
Kiss by the way of a sunny day
But I feel it in my boner childs without a home
A prison cell holds a dream to a black thing
I never thought I'd see the day when brothers pledging leadges
To a red white I'm too this way wavin' non truth
Yo, here's the forty acres in the mule hah
You rather get this Mickey D's in the tool hah
And in the sun I see the way you pull a harsh dreams
And in the sun I see your own way to new things
Every man has got to bow down at God's grace
Every soul has to conceed to God's goals
Politicians get religious to the star people
As the constitution reader says I'm not equal
Three fifht's of the gifts from the love supreme
This gotta be a bad dream I'm here at train screen
Little kids are getting robbed for computer dwarfs
Family structure is destroyed marriage null avoid
All he's gotten formulated will he hate to say it
What I can see it isn't really in the sun

[Chorus] without LP

[Large Professor]
Yo don't never think I'd forgotten
The day's flag is in'
Sittin' in the lunchroom
eatin' and dreamin'
on about the things we do
when we reach in defendance
nothing is brandnew
it's all still a part of the plan
meet your man
from decades ago can't nobody understand
the hard shits we been through
sun to sun
on the wake up knock knock
everybody gotta run for the ultimate goal
can loose their soul
in the process
so and to you I say God bless
seeing your face lets me see my own
so why zone, and think about the days we got stolen
in the staircases of parking buildings
living childrens
rolling in the world so cold just like pelgrims
in my great dilly nowadays perilli
get to see one and other
and when we connect we still brothers
and now we in the cooperative world
and the game is different
you get caught up in the twirl
and if your fam ain't effective
so here's our perspective
to help each other
cause man ain't it hectic

[Chorus] to fade

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