Текст песни Choose your hero - Dotka

Исполнитель: Choose your hero

If the horns just roarded,

Burst first into the fight,

Hit enemies with sword,

Faster then arrow flight,

Don't lose first ingame rune,

Don't let 'em earn the gold,

And always bind your rules,

Beacause it is your world,

And one last thing you should know,

Whatever you can feel,

Never end this show,

Because comeback is real,

And then just rush as bull,

Feel the wind in your hair,

If your health bar is still full,

This battle is ours, I swear.

And if you are breave anough,

Burn them all,

And make them kneel

You can,

Lower their temp to zero,

Turn 'em into stone,

Every move can raise your game,

But first you need to

Choose your hero

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