Текст песни Be Great

Исполнитель: Cyhi The Prynce
[2Pac speaking]
Im not saying I'm gonna rule the world or I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee you that I will spark the brain that will change the world. And that's our job, It's to spark somebody else watching us

[Verse 1]
Everything is Monumental
Press Reporting Live from the Intercontinental
Tell black detective it’s the Temple
After that I'm doing what I do any instrumental
Check my credentials, I got sentimental
Value every time a sheet of paper touch my pencil
Mix Determination with potential
So ahead of my time my mind is eastern but I'm central
To be specific Keisha keep me twisted
I speak Prolific, man I should be teaching physics
Y'all can keep them disses, jealousy's a weak decision
My presence is better than any gift underneath the Christmas tree
Picture me I used to solicit weed
In the street where nigga's bleed like Gaddafi in Tripoli
Word to Trigger Squeeze, so before you nigga's leave
Kiss your seed on the cheek and tell em' don't be good be great

Don't be good be great
Don't be good be great
Don't be good be great
Don't be good be great

[Verse 2]
The agenda, turn sinners to winners
And give em the [?], the chance is slimmer
Than Erica Mena, we're dead in the center
Or being dead in the glimmer, Trey wrestling with Zimmer
Trying to bring bread in for dinner
So never surrender to meritocracy
And all these haters within this evil society
Who obviously hate to remember
When I would rhyme with the Glock on me
Wait in the rental, a lot of fights, a lot of robberies
[?] engine when the pussy nigga's shot at me
So i so Solemnly swear the flow pottery
This is Scarface mixed the old Prodigy
So don't bother me, you can keep your apologies
I mean that whole heartedly I'm my own sovereignty
I always say I can, fuck your T and your apostrophe
And people who put quantity over quality
Cuz' my dad always says Cydel don't be good be great

Don't be good be great
Don't be good be great
Don't be good be great
Don't be good be great

Видео Cyhi The Prynce - Be Great


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