Текст песни Firewater - I still love you, Judas

Исполнитель: Firewater
After the party, under the bed
Down where the bad dreams grow
You scrape at the embers
That smoke in your head
Cause it's twenty below
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no jokes
We'll sleep by the wishing well
Over the rainbow, a shot in the dark
One more story to tell
Cause I still love you Judas
I feel like hammer for the spike
Remember when we
Shot them holes in the sky?
I still love you Judas
As I walk along this lonesome road
Like a somnambulist on a wire

Polish your pistol, shooting the breeze
Flash me your trademark smile
When you live by the ruler
You die inch by inch
Every day is a mile
Tell me your story, shovel the dirt
Spin me a web of lies
I'd swallow anything offered as truth
That we're on the same side

But it's alright now
Cause I really don't care anymore

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