Текст песни A Fire under the Snow

Исполнитель: Arm the Spirit
Open the gates, let the warriors come out
To fulfil the prophecy, to fulfil the vow
Heal the living, mourn and bury the dead
‘Cause under the snow, a river runs red

Have you ever thought that Lhasa would burn alone?
Beijing will be next...
For every seed of suffering you sow
A thousand you'll collect

The jewel is in the lotus
The jewel is in your heart
The jewel is in the lotus
The jewel is...in your heart

Ask the sun to melt the snow,
to show us the path that delay our vow
Ask the moon and to every Mahatma,
to show us the path of the Bodhisattva

In every heart, in every face in Tibet
There is this hope for an endless sunset
An everlasting spring to redeem the land
Here its voice take its hand

Hear your children
Watch! The land is dying
Call Shamballa!

Ten thousand miles away,
still my heart beats for you
Who will hear your prayers?
Who will look after you?

I raise my voice
and I clench my fist
I won't let your prayer flags
drown in the “red mist”

A Fire under the snow (x4)

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