Omens (Timelessness 2014)

Исполнитель: Serdce
Why are you here, what's the reason
For you to count days and dusks
To watch each coming circle of seasons
Of life so splendid and at last

Receive a mysterious message -
For you assigned important presage
Who are you here: hunter? prey?
Would you die or would you stay?
If you want to stay not to go astray
Not to feel disgrace leave a trace
Receive a mysterious message -
For you assigned important presage

What is your choice out of three:
Death, oblivion, memory?
Trace by fallen star near or so far
Everlasting chase in the space

You're here to have your daring say
You have enormous love to ray
And get reflected light without blame
Cause you get what you once gave

Listen to your voice
Open your mind colours
You have the omens for you
That is your own choice
Don't turn around and hollow
Your lot into a new

Why are you here, what's the clue
In wisdom presented to you,
In gentle words which stir and tease:
"Accept the future as it is"
Why are you here, high above
All love embraced by even love?
Maybe to judge and cast aside
Your needless vanity and pride


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