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Paul / England
speakerThe typical thing that annoys people, or annoys me, in the theater is the rustling and crunching of different food types, and also the kicking, whether it's intended or not, the kicking of the back of your seat. And also, in some cultures, sniffing and coughing is accepted, whereas in others, it isn't. In my culture, it isn't, and therefore, I find this habit rather irritating.

Tim / United States
speakerOne of the things that annoys me the most is when I can hear people chewing. So, if people are eating their food and making a lot of noise when they chew, it really bothers me. And that also happens outside of the theater, if someone is having dinner with me and chewing out loud, it really bothers me. But it's really hard to get them to stop, because they usually don't know that they're doing it.

Sarah / England
speakerThe most annoying thing I find in a movie theater would be when someone has a new bag of popcorn or a new bag of sweets and they open it up halfway through the film and be rustling behind you. You can always hear that more than the film.

Warren / Canada
speakerWell, sometimes, teenagers can be a little obnoxious in the theaters, so I've been hit by a few popcorn kernels or two in the past, and that could be quite annoying. I think they're just having fun, pulling pranks on some people, but it's difficult when you're trying to watch a movie.

Lindsay / United States
speakerThe most annoying thing is when they actually bring their babies or their children. I don't understand why they're bringing them, especially to a late-night movie, and then the baby starts to cry or it gets restless. I don't feel bad for the baby; I feel bad for the people. And I feel mad at the people; I mean, why are they bringing their baby to this movie?

Dani / England
speakerMe, especially, it's talking. Or like if they won't be quiet and you're trying to watch a movie, that really annoys me. Although the one that really annoys my mom, especially, is when they kick the back of your seat. She always used to get that one kid who makes that.

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