I'll Never Know

Исполнитель: Alfred Hotorn Hill
I'll Never Know

I'll never know why a horse grazing in the field all day,
Should be hard to sit upon when he's so full of hay,
I'll never know how a rose can look so sweet and pure,
And hold its head up high when it's standing in manure.

I'll never know, (never know, I'll never know, never know)
(I'll never know)

I'll never know if it's true that you reap just what you sow,
Or if it's true that great aches from little toe corns grow,
I'll never know if it's true when they say that fish can fly,
Though the one I had for tea today was really rather high.


The night nurse came to my room and knocked upon the door,
Then she came in and threw my bed clothes straight upon the floor.
And then she bathed me and she scrubbed me from my toes up to my chin,
I said, "Oh tell me, nurse, why did you knock when you came in?" 'Cause...


I'll never know why Mother Nature gave my wife such a beautiful face,
With skin as smooth as satin and hair as soft as lace.
Yes Mother Nature gave my wife that beautiful mouth that she's got,
And then she stuck a tongue in it and spoiled the bloomin' lot. Why...

[chorus to fade]
I'll never, never, never know...