Is She Is Or Is She Ain't (1952)

Исполнитель: The Charmer
Is She Is Or Is She Ain’t
I am trying to find a solution,
About a certain person.
Trying to find a solution,
About a certain person.
With this modern surgery,
They changed him from he to she.

But behind that lipstick, rogue and paint,
I got to know is she is, or is she ain’t?

I wonder what gave him
The idea and the spark
To leave this country, bound for Denmark.
He tried to live the life of a man,
But that was not in accord with nature’s plan.
So he underwent this operation,
And came back home to shock the nation.

When he/she came back to this country
They made her a popular celebrity.
All the public sentiment,
She get a movie contract
And plenty engagement.
People came out of curiosity,
To see this amazing freak of the century.

When that lady walks across the stage
They call her the wonder of this modern age.
Now making plenty money,
Because of hormones and plastic surgery.
Drawing down twenty thousand a week
And not one listening to this record could get a peak.