Eternal Return?Dragon's Dogma Main Theme?

Исполнитель: Aubrey Ashburn
'Neath a falter'd sky cross loamless plains, an'water'd blight
Ah! Where gone those days once Glory shone so bright
Fallen 'neath baleful wings dark as night
Ah! a moment give to me
Hark! Shall none hear this soul's tale of a land benight
Pitiful man whom death has undone
Lean'd upon a broken blade Looks to skyward
"Prithee above (Almighty one) Be this thy word?
Cryed out, begged for truth
But? no Answer's sound be heard
Yet now he sees the dragon's dogma
Unbound by time All-biding grand design
Land and Skyes
and seas yearn
Finish the cycle of eternal return

Видео Aubrey Ashburn - Eternal Return?Dragon's Dogma Main Theme?