Текст песни Nina Simon - Don't explain

Исполнитель: Nina Simon
Hush now, don't explain
There ain't nothin' to gain
I'm glad that you're back
don't explain

Quiet baby, don't explain
there is nothing to gain.
Skip back the lipstick
don't explain.

You know that I love you
and what love endures
all my thoughts of you
for I'm so completely yours
Don't want to hear folks chatter
'cause I know you cheat
Right n' wrong don't matter
when you're with me my sweet...

Hush now don't explain
don't you know you're my joy and you're my pain.
My life is yours love
don't explain


All my thoughts of you, for I'm so completely yours.
I don't want to hear nobody chatter
'cause I know you cheat,
right n' wrong don't matter
when you're with me my sweet.

Hush now, don't explain
you're my joy, you're my pain
My life is yours love
don't explain.

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