Текст песни Jake Bugg - Love Me The Way You Do

Исполнитель: Jake Bugg
Trying to find a way to Kingston Town
Trying to find anyway out
Oh baby why would a girl like you,
Want to love me, love me the way you do

I hope someday you'll be mine
I hope someday you'll be by my side
I wana hold you and kiss you goodnight
But, oh baby, I'll be on the next flight

I'm flying high, up through the sky
I'm gona try and kiss my baby goodnight

It's seems so mad but I want her so bad
Oh hear me girl, I'll give you all I have
All I have

A thousand miles away from here
Don't you go and don't you disappear
I wana feel your skin against mine
And hold you in my arms dear, all on through the night

But you know I love you, love me the way you do
Love me the way you do

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