Clann Z? - Ri Ra

Исполнитель: Clann Z?

Текст песни

No compromising with your life, there is only one
Who writes the ending and the script to the Ri Ra
Uprising, you listen to know one but yourself
Utilizing, you take each second by the throat

Now we rise over them all
Over words that say your no one
Take each day and live like the last
Burn to the ground each tie to the past
Don't listen now to the turn of their lies
From your first breath you were born to rise
Rising high, over the hill
Over fields, over the sea
Rising high they can't bring you down
As you soar over treacherous ground

Uprising, there is no way that they'll keep us down
They'll watch us burning, watch us thrive on the ri ra
There is no way you'll keep us down
Cos we thrive on the ri ra

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