Текст песни Troubled Coast - XX/XY

Исполнитель: Troubled Coast
I wade out into the murky tide where sky and sea collide.
Where one begins, the other ends,
I cannot see a difference in the grays and o’ I’ve tried.
And in the distance winds are stirring, clouds are forming.
The gulls ascend, converge and cry.
The whales are humming a song to sweet for words.
A white cap forms, I think of you, your rusty amber hair.
Your bracelet made of broken bones.
Lilacs tucked behind your ears.

Loving ocean wash my dirty hands.
Sea-bound woman swim to shore.

I remember a time when we were caught in the snow, our winter jackets were left inside, and pines obscured the view to home so towards the sun we climbed.
A seraph saw us from the sky and thought he needed you.
Your beauty fit a sirens niche so to the sea you went.

Loving ocean wash my dirty hands.
Sea-bound woman swim to shore.

I tried to hold onto you but heavenly hosts were pulling too.
O’ I am just a man.
Chagrined you reached out for my coat,
I watched you sink through murk and choke.
O’ I am just a man.
I see you in the autumn leaves, you drowning slow and shifting hues.
I am just a man.
Be the wind in my sails, the figurehead on my prow.

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