Текст песни Hollywood Undead - Lump Your Head (минус)

Исполнитель: Hollywood Undead
Boy you better put a lid on it
You dont know what its like
To get your head lumped in
You keep flappin those gums
Like you the boss
You should check your chin
Oh no you dont know what its like
To get your head lumped in
Cause you keep flappin those gums
So just run along
Cuz you dont want none

Let me take you back
So back in time
And make the front page news
Livin lives of crime
Cuz we ran moonshine
Outlaws to be exact
We're gettin somethin new
And we never turned back
6 shots, point blank
Aimin at your face
I'm a quick draw
Then I'm gone without a trace
And I'll rob a bank
Or I'll cheat and steal
Derail a fuckin train
Cuz you know that I will
You need to pay your dues
Or get cement shoes
And we're still on the run
The most ruthless crew


I'm a heart break kid
I'm a stick up kid
Bang. Bang
Tommy gun
Yous a punk ass bitch
Knocked out
One punch
Like a superhero
Banged up. Craped out
Now you're back to zero
Boom. Bing. Pow.
King kong no doubt
If you blow a mission
I'm a have to dry you out
You'll be picking up
Your teeth straight off the ground
I'm a switch plates
Shake it you know how
Work gets around
All bets are in
I see you roll the dice
Looks like another 7
It's the end of your life


Its no matter
Just a matter of time
It dont matter to 3
It aint no matter of mine
If you keep your mouth shut
Then u'll be just fine
If you keep running gums
U better look out behind
I see you N to the D E A D
U got the full clip
It's just cockin empty
Ur the cock of the walk
But you walk too far
Now your cock's on the block
Of the boulevard
I'm the J O H to the N Y 3 T
U lucky you aint dead
If you know they sent me


U N to the D E A D
U got your fist raised
But your legs are shaking
U N to the D E A D
U know that I'm the shit
Thats why you tryin to take me
We can go around the corner
I aint catchin a case
This will all be over quick
Imma do what it takes
So your betting all you want
But never sneak out of place
Or imma roll your ass up
And smack the lips off your face
U better not run
Cuz my bullets are faster
I'd never really hit a bitch
So I'm gonna smack ya
This wont even be a fight
Cuz I'm knockin her out
And your nicknamed dick
So keep it out of your mouth
U N to the D E A D
Better be known
We do this shit on a daily
U N to the D E A D
No thanks
Still servin you baby

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