Текст песни MYRKR - Blinded by Black Stellar Light

Исполнитель: MYRKR

Prision of flesh, cut it loose
Iron Will, cleanse this world in fire
Baptised by black stellar light, human eyes are no longer of use
Free for an eternity to unleash our Masters plague

Smash the earth, Rape the earth
Let our fury loose heralding us to a new age
Creation through destruction, light the spark of ragnarok
Fenrir awake and devour the weak

Pride and Might
Strenght and Control
Purfication through suffering

Satan, the black sun,
Give life to those rotten bones
Dark fire burn with me with your secrets
The curse of humanity, forlorn existence

Set free the beast in a whirlwind of flames
No redemption, no salvation
Descendants of Shadow
Standing before the all seeing eye
Absording the secrets, crossing the nexion
Manetanaz - the hidden knowledge, the world eater!

We are the wolves jaws cracking your neck
The hangmans noose waiting your final breath
We are the Black cloud of death!
The torch of hate, your damnation!

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