Текст песни Mdm/ - Bitter End

Исполнитель: Mdm/
Heartless people tearing pieces from me
Pressure's on, no release from this pain inside
Mounting fear, I'm far too hopeless to see
Moments pass, I retreat from this hate and hide

I'll take it hard
Forget the pain.
Just burn me down
And fan the flames
This never-ending fire
Destroys me Time and time and again

I've been away so long
That I can't find my way back home again
It's getting all too clear
That I've become my one and only friend
With no one left to trust
Stand alone with nothing to defend
I've no more left to give
It seems that I have reached my bitter end

Scathing visions scattered right before me
Heavy hands hold me down, I can't move at all
Rabid nightmares pulsing surges through me
Can't break away as I'm backed up against the wall

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