Текст песни Coolio - Rapsody

Исполнитель: Coolio
Warren G top dog
Patrollin the beach
Niggaz say they as hard as bitch
But they're as soft as a peach
Claimin the G of all G's
Please, I come blowin through like
the breeze
Sittin on threes
Post it, Coastin mashing down
Pacific Coast and
The bomb chrome rims black on
black Yukon
With nuts hangin' from the city
Where the bangers is being banging
it dont seem like shit is changing
I holla'd at the homey the other day
G'd up at the park sippin alisah
One of the homeys took a beaten
So now we spend at being a gang
of checking at the meetin like cycles
It's just another sunset fall in sea
I can hear the homeys in the past
callin me
And you know what I discovered
What they keep saying
Keep your mind on your money
muthafuckers and shake busters

Улетай на крыльях ветра
Ты в край родной, родная песня наша,
Туда, где мы тебя свободно пели,
Где было так привольно нам с тобою.

Have you ever sold millions
But yet you niggaz persist to talk shit
Get off my dick
You never catch me
Rollin with the heat, slap the clip in
I never thought the world would started
My life is a trip, though
Hit the crip though
Blow the whistle
They think I bang
So I packed a pistol
Warren to tha G is a G
I don't fuck with you nigga
So don't fuck with me
Let's ride to the Eastside
Slide like a fo
I packs a fo-fo
When I'm steppin out doors
To the bang to the buggy
If I speak then I spoke
Warren G do it every time till
ya low
Get the party hit like blaze and
The Eastside and the beach
West side of the coast
You know the niggaz that I ride with
Hogs, attack dogs
the same niggaz I'm down to die with


Who's the man
I've been from London to Japan
Stomp land to land
To the Egyptian sands
You can't check me
Disrespect me
Or mop me up
With the bass bumpin' out my truck
And all these police trying to lock me up
Money rules the world
And I made the loot
So don't make me shoot
Cuz trying to mash
Will get you done every time
I ain't trying to hurt nobody
But I'm down for mine

Money over power, power over money,
money over power
Biatch biatch

(money over power, power over money,
money over power...)

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