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Исполнитель: любимчик

Have you ever had the feeling
That the world`s gone and left you behind
Have you ever had the feeling
That you`re that close to loosing your mind
You look around each corner
Hoping that she`s there
You try to play it cool perhaps
Pretend that you don`t care
But it doesn`t do a bit of good
You got to seek `til you find
Or you never unwind
Try to think
That loves not around
Still it`s uncomfortably near
My old heart
Ain`t gainin` no ground
Because my angel eyes ain`t here

Angel eyes
That old devil sent
They glow unbearebly bright
Need I say
That my love`s misspent
Misspent with angel eyes tonight

So drink up all you people
Order anything you see
Have fun you happy people
You drink and the laugh`s on me

Pardon me
But I "gotta run"
The fact`s uncommonly clear
Gotta find
Who`s now "Number One"
And why my angel eyes ain`t here
Tell me why my angel eyes ain`t here
Excusez-moi my angel eyes ain`t here
Excuse me while I disappear

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