Текст песни ATO X EDEN - Notion

Исполнитель: ATO X EDEN
Yeah yeah
I rise up to the camera
She tryna' find her way to the other side
She tryna' find the answer
To the good life
The more money, she's addicted to the money tree
And she don't know who she can be
She tryna' find herself inside of you
And if she wants to go alone we can play that game, she done it once before but it's never been the same
She's afraid of change I don't know why

Poppin' more than bottles just a couple homeless models on a
[?] from Atlanta drinkin' wine until it landed nigga
She's tryna' be more than twisted panties on this bedroom floor
Heart set on [?]
Alexander Wang she wants it all
Told her now
"Keep the lights off, love the dark, take the tights off, if you want we come and get me. You ain't goin' home tonight."
Feelin' the emotions got the motion runnin' double time
Seein' double wondering which girl is coming home with me

And I got a notion
Everything's going fine
Cause' we stand for nothing
And they say your faith is blind
And it's always brighter on the other side
It's a fine line
Between bliss and open eyes

Fuck the system
More controversial than collaborating two religions
Remain the realest in the building
Under these conditions I've been kickin' since my time was tickin'
And without a finish line how can I now define winnin'
Look a major, but fuck your pen and fuck your paper
And if it compromises mine the only sign is that I shouldn't sign
Sharp shadows circles round' my spine
Only friend is time this time like every time before

Just like her I'm proudly putting London on the map
Don't hold me back
Scream up west, where my motherfuckers at
[?] Hypocrisy that exists among these cold rappers it's an epidemic of Y.M.C.M.B
Can't fuck with me though
I'm trying to take your girl, yes Childish Gambino
I hold my chest knowing the bullets for my head and ego
I'm at the edge screaming don't hold me back while the ledge breaks and I feel no weight as I make this great escape

You know I'm hatin' on these rappers
I don't feel these rappers
Some of them are real but most are sour sweets beneath the wrapper
Feelin' poor but rest assured I'm bringin' something new
Hear the game's broken I'm reminded that its rent is due
I've got it all
Down to the last penny
Down to the last depressed man alone drinking penny
I keep it real to me
You know what's real to me is real for you
Writin' like tomorrow will come true at ten to midnight

I'm rollin' over
Twenty now and I'm killin'
Thirty two bars a minute but guarantee your mind will still be kickin'
When I'm finished going over ninety miles per hour
Burning through this track gaining more flack than Dwight Howard

I don't trust her, trust breaks in a second
Love used as a weapon was never what we intended
But don't forget, now that it's been addressed
It's what we don't do not what we do we ultimately regret

You will spend your life completely wasting your time
You will be doing things you don't like doing in order to go on living that is to go on doing things you don't like doing
Which is stupid
Better to have a short life full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way

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