Текст песни Yennefer - Exorcism

Исполнитель: Yennefer
Pray ... pray to your god
You have only one chance
The last hope for forgiveness
You're infected ...
You feel it within yourself?
You feel the fear. You feel the pain.

You lose control of himself and drowning in the darkness
You can not resist, because it absorbs you
Your soul is on fire
From your cry, the blood run cold

The saints are crying, watching as your soul tormented by evil
You're possessed by the devil, it is no longer your body
You need to exorcism
The soul is slowly rotting away inside you
Pray, maybe it will save you
Maybe it will save you now...
Maybe it will save you now...

No, you're not sick
You are infected with evil
Pray, maybe it will help you
Pray now!
Repent, sinner!
Save your soul, even now!
Repent, sinner!
Save your soul, even now!

Cleanse ...
Cleanse your soul from evil
Cleanse the heart of darkness
Pray ... Pray, child ...
Pray...Pray for your life
Maybe you will die
But your soul will be saved

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