Текст песни Guano Apes - she's a killer [Bel Air 2011]

Исполнитель: Guano Apes

She took a gun with your blood
in your hairs
She pulls a trigger
with a blink of romance
Give me your nightmare
Give me all that she can
You are just a freak
Coming up from the damn

She’s not your friend
She’s not your angel
Like she said

She’s not afraid
She’s a killer

I’m coming up
I’m counting to six
I’ll give you fire
If you show me your necks

I’ll give you lightmare
I’ll give you all that I can
I’m just a beast
Coming up from the damn

We are not like friends
We are just like killers
In our bed

She’s not a friend
She’s a killer

You can’t pull me down
When I’m around
You better stay away
Before you’ll leave afraid
The hunters on your side
You can’t pull me down
I’m a murderer
You’d better stayed away
Before you leave afraid
The beast in my eyes

[You can't pull this down
We are murderers
We only gotta do
what we’re supposed to do
The hunters stay alive]

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