Текст песни Delmer Darion - Paris Street (ft. Emily Burns)

Исполнитель: Delmer Darion
We strung a dusk and tried to smile
And hoped the morning would come bright,
The skin you touched all came to light.

I bite my nails until they bleed,
I blame myself for everything.
(You don’t know the quiet peace you bring).

When you left I fumbled home,
The sun set over the same roads
That held us closer for a while.
I watched the headlights spin and dive,
Struggling to keep dry.

The moon bleeds through to boil bone,
It saw me walk away alone.
The stairs stretched further than I dared,
I fell apart without you there.
(You don’t know the quiet peace you bring).

(Stay, precious day, light your way,
Stay a while, stay a while,
When you're gone, people cry,
Soaring wings, soaring wings,
Touch my mind, touch my mind,
When you're gone, people cry)

I’ve kept a bag with all our things,
I’m hoping they still mean something.

(You teach all our children not to lie).

I love you more than I could say,
And that gets harder every day,

(You don’t know the quiet peace you bring
And flowers you kiss all come to light,
You don’t know the quiet peace you bring
And maybe one day we’ll fly)

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