Текст песни Jon Lord & Sam Brown - Wait a While

Исполнитель: Jon Lord & Sam Brown
Wait before you go so you will know
What I am feeling as you leave
I understand, you'll need for some time
Some solitude

Wait a while before you go
You should know by now my heart belongs to you

I know that you must leave and I can see
That it's not easy for you, no
But I'll be here and know that my soul
Is always near you

Wait a while before you go
You should know by now I love you
And so I will wait a while for you

Shake the vow
And the leaves start falling
Spill the wine
And our dreams come tumbling down all around

The sands of time
Is slipping through my fingers
You and I
Still the memories linger on and on

Now I know if I can only let go
And wait a while
You'll be here again with me
The same old friends we've always been

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